Busboys and Poets Books Review: Just Mercy

22 June, 2018



Just Mercy focuses primarily on Walter Hartwright, an African American sentenced to death row for a violent murder that he did not commit. In fact, there was very little evidence suggesting he even might have. Stevenson also discusses other cases: minors punished as adults, people with severe mental illness or disabilities not given proper consideration, and so forth. But all go back to the same difficult point: We live in a country where wealth, and not innocence, is the deciding factor keeping you out of jail. Read more in our newest blog post from Anna-Claire!

Busboys and Poets Books Review: Barracoon

20 June, 2018



The following is a guest post by Busboys and Poets customer Dr. Donna Oriowo. To read the complete post, please visit her website.
ton. I am calling this journey challenging because as some of you know, this book was meant to be published a long time ago, but was not because no one wanted to read about the slave experience of a man who would implicate the people in Africa. It was thought to be a book which could tarnish the integrity of the movement. Which, even now, I would understand. To tell this story aloud, is to have some who were directly involved, or their ancestors, or white people who feel resentful of the history of slavery—mostly as it relates to talking about white privilege and such, to feel vindicated in what occurred because African people were complicit.

Thoughts on 77

17 June, 2018



If this initiative passes, it will not bring about the end of the world.

Busboys and Poets Book Review: Set the World on Fire

25 May, 2018



In this substantial entry into the history of Black radical politics, Keisha N. Blain uncovers the legion of Black women that made waves in the growing Black nationalist and Garveyite movements of the early Twentieth Century. Read more in our newest review by bookseller Dubian Ade.

Busboys and Poets Book Review: Anger is a Gift

18 May, 2018



Mark Oshiro’s contemporary YA fiction is an incredibly moving story about community, about love, and about taking a stand against prejudice and violence, even when it seems completely hopeless, and it is especially difficult to read. Read more in our newest review by Busboys and Poets Books Supervisor Laura Lannan.

Busboys and Poets Book Review: Young, Gifted, and Black

11 May, 2018



Bearing the same name as Nina Simone’s iconic song, “Young, Gifted, and Black” explores the lives of 52 black people, both past and present, who have helped shaped different aspects of black culture. Read more in our newest review by Takoma Bookstore Supervisor, Melanie Kates.

Busboys and Poets Book Review: Home.Girl.Hood.

7 May, 2018



There are rare literary moments when you can truly see an author shine beyond what they have set for you on the page. A sort of kinesthesia takes place as the characters and their stories move in such a compelling way that all five of your senses can’t help but be engaged and feel truly connected. In her second full length poetry collection, Home.Girl.Hood., Ebony Stewart reveals to us what these three words mean beyond the surface, with a depth and nuance as infinite as the many ways she manifests the pain, tragedies, and survival of queer Black Womxnhood that cannot – that will not – be denied. Read more in our newest review by Director of Poetry Events (DOPE) Pages Matam.

Busboys and Poets Books Review: Jim Brown, Last Man Standing

3 May, 2018



In an era when sports legends like Muhammad Ali and Bill Russell have been embraced by mainstream culture, Jim Brown remains an outlier, continuing to challenge preconceptions of what it means to be a black athlete and activist fighting social injustice. While his work mediating peace between warring gangs and his condemnation of the death penalty have been universally praised, his subsequent criticism of Colin Kaepernick and other young athletes pushing the boundaries of progressive politics in sports, as well as his decision to endorse President Donald Trump despite widespread accusations of racism, have sparked controversy amongst the sports community and left many to question Brown’s motives.

Read more in our newest review by Busboys and Poets Bookseller, Brett Finlayson.

Busboys and Poets Book Review: We’re Going to Need More Wine

27 April, 2018



Here is a little disclosure about me, I don’t generally like autobiographies. I find that they can be terribly dull and full of pomp. I know I read The Last Black Unicorn by Tiffany Haddish, but if you’ll remember, I also said that the writing left much to be desired. But Gabrielle Union’s book

We’re Going to Need More Wine: Stories That Are Funny, Complicated, and Are True

was a delight to read! It was finished before I was. Read more in a guest post by Dr. Donna Oriowo.

What to read: Celebrating National Poetry Month at Busboys and Poets

20 April, 2018



April in DC – a time to welcome the sun, greet the cherry blossoms and relish the city’s many parks in bloom. April is also National Poetry Month, and being home to a vibrant literary community, DC celebrates every year with a diverse offering of events, readings and books to savor.

Busboys and Poets Book Interview: Mamta Jain Valderrama

13 April, 2018



Busboys and Poets Books is excited to have social justice author, Mamta Jain Valderrama coming to Busboys and Poets 14th & V location in May to discuss her debut novel, A Girl In Traffick, based on true stories of human organ trafficking. In advance of the upcoming event, bookstore supervisor Kenlynn Nelson interviewed Mamta about her writing and thoughts on her first book.

Busboys and Poets Book Review: An American Sickness

9 April, 2018



We’ve all been in that situation, or know someone who has. You find yourself for whatever reason in need of medical attention: a surgery, an exam, etc. And after you leave, you receive the bill. But the bill is far larger than you anticipated and you have no idea why. Elizabeth Rosenthal knows why. Read more in our newest blog post by Anna-Claire McGrath.

Busboys and Poets Book Review: Pansy Boy

2 April, 2018



Captivating, touching, and sincere, “Pansy Boy” tells the story of a thoughtful young boy who is tormented by his classmates because they perceive him as being different. Read more in our newest review by Takoma Bookstore Supervisor, Melanie Kates.

A Girls Guide to Joining the Resistance Book Review

30 March, 2018



Emma Gray’s tiny book of feminist resistance promises to be a guide to doing more and doing good in a world that seems to have turned against women all together. Read more in our newest review by Bookstore Supervisor Laura Lannan, and attend the event on 4/1/18.

15 Influential, Iconic, and Inspiring Women Writers Through History

17 March, 2018



Come into one of our Busboys and Poets bookshops and we can direct you to any number of wonderful books by women. From the high fantasy of N.K. Jemison to the sublime poetry of Joy Harjo to the intense investigations of Monique W. Morris we are proud to offer the work of so many amazing authors. We also want to make sure to acknowledge the incredible women writers of history. We believe that in order to make a brighter future we need to know the past, so let’s look back and demolish the myth that the writing woman is a new literary phenomenon.

Busboys and Poets Books Recommendations: Women’s History Month

9 March, 2018



It’s Women’s History Month and you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. After all, women have been around for a while and have been doing awesome things just as long - how can you figure out which awesome book to read next? Well have no fear, Busboys and Poets Books has you covered - just stop by one of our six bookstores for any one of these beautiful books to learn about some of the incredible women of human history.

Busboys and Poets Books Interview: E. Ethelbert Miller

2 March, 2018



February saw the release of If God Invented Baseball, the latest collection of poetry from DC legend and literary activist E. Ethelbert Miller. A devoted fan of the Washington Nationals, Ethelbert celebrates in the book the magic of baseball and its lessons for life.  In advance of the poet’s upcoming event at Busboys and Poets Takoma, bookstore supervisor Fran McCrae interviewed Ethelbert about his new collection and his literary perspectives on DC and beyond.

Busboys and Poets Books Review: From Headshops to Whole Foods

15 February, 2018



From Head Shops to Whole Foods by Joshua Clark Davis is a scholarly examination of activist entrepreneurs who use business as a tool to enact social and political change. Read more in our newest review by Shirlington Bookseller James Ebersole and join us for an event with the author on March 1!

Valentine’s Day Picks with Busboys and Poets Books

12 February, 2018



Whether you are spending this Valentine’s day with that special someone or curled up with a wine bottle alone on a reading binge, we have a book for you. Here is a quick overview of the best books to get for the 14th, because the best Valentine usually comes in the form of a hardcover that you didn’t “swipe right” to find.

Busboys and Poets Books Review: Love Poems

2 February, 2018



In Love Poems, Nikki Giovanni gives an empowered edge to the topics of sexuality, intimacy and what it means to love. Read more in our newest review by 14th and V Bookstore Supervisor Fran McCrae.

Busboys and Poets Book Review: Solo

26 January, 2018



Written entirely in verse, Newbery Medalist (Crossover) and New York Times Bestselling Author Kwame Alexander and Mary Rand Hess team up to bring us Blade Morrison in the most pivotal time of his life in their newest book Solo. Read more in our newest review by Busboys and Poets Book Sidelines Buyer Taren Stewart.

Busboys and Poets Books Review: My Guantanamo Diary

12 January, 2018



Don’t miss this resolution, review, and invitation from Kenlynn Nelson of Busboys and Poets Shirlington.

Busboys and Poets Books Review: Before the Next Bomb Drops

5 January, 2018



In his second poetry collection, Remi Kanazi takes the reader on a journey of violence and collective ignorance from Palestine to Ferguson to Iraq to Brooklyn. Read more in our newest review from Busboys and Poets Books Supervisor Laura Lannan. And please join us for an evening of hip hop and poetry with Remi Kanzai on January 14th at 5th and K.

Busboys and Poets Books Literary Resolutions for 2018

31 December, 2017



Check out how the staff of Busboys and Poets Books anticipate spending 2018 (hint: it involves a lot of reading).

Busboys and Poets Books Review: Never Stop

15 December, 2017



As an athlete, activist, and entrepreneur, Sana has lived a life ripe for the telling, and he melds these elements of his life into a complete picture with finesse. Read our newest review of Simba Sana’s “Never Stop: A Memoir” by Shirlington Bookseller James Ebersole.

Busboys and Poets Books Holiday Picks for Kids!

11 December, 2017



Looking for that perfect holiday gift for the little one in your life? Check out these three recommendations by Takoma Busboys and Poets Bookseller Melanie Kates.

Busboys and Poets Book Review: The Cooking Gene

8 December, 2017



In “The Cooking Gene,” culinary historian Michael Twitty sends his reader on a tantalizing journey starting at the kitchen table, leading his readers all the way to the cotton fields of Virginia and the plantations of North Carolina. Read more in this review, provided courtesy of Busboys and Poets Bookseller Carlantha Roberts. And be sure to catch Michael Twitty at our upcoming event on December 10th at 5th and K.

Busboys and Poets Book Review: Brunch is Hell

27 November, 2017



Brunch is Hell: How to Save the World by Throwing a Dinner Party (Little, Brown, and Co. $25.00), the newest book from hilarious hosts of The Dinner Party Download Brendan Francis Newman and Rico Gagliano, is certain to put “I will host more dinner parties” at the top of your 2018 New Year’s Resolution list. Read more of our newest review by bookseller Kenlynn Nelson.

Review of “There Are More Beautiful Things Than Beyonce”

11 August, 2017



After all, what is art if it doesn’t bring you to tears and call upon your laughter in equal measure all in the course of a few lines?

August Five Favorites

3 August, 2017



With the recent HBO series and our country’s current administration, Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale (Anchor Books, $15.95) is more relevant than ever. - Aliza

MPower Love to MPower Change

9 February, 2017



Busboys and Poets will donate a portion of the revenue from the day to MPOWER Change!

Busboys and Poets Online Store

30 January, 2017



The Washington Post: Solange Knowles joins lineup for Peace Ball on inauguration weekend

8 January, 2017



Washington Post: A Washington inaugural ball has (finally!) managed to book some major musical acts — Solange Knowles is joining previously announced Grammy-winning jazz singer Esperanza Spalding at the Jan. 19 Peace Ball.

Call For Volunteers -  Peace Ball 2017

21 December, 2016



Volunteer for the Peace Ball!

Thoughts After A Race Conference

16 November, 2016



1. Challenge racism. Family and close friends is a good place to start. Try “calling them in” before “calling them out”. Use the “I” language. Engage, don’t retreat.

Peace Ball 2017

12 November, 2016



Tickets include open bar, open food, live music, dancing, and speeches by distinguished guests. ALL exhibits will be open to guests: http://busboysandpoets.com/events/info/2017-inaugural-peace-ball

The Morning After

9 November, 2016



Its time for us to be the change we want to see in the world.

Halloween 2016 at Busboys and Poets

22 October, 2016



Scary Movies! Costume Contest! Pumpkin Painting!

Busboys And Poets Breaks Ground In Anacostia

7 October, 2016



This will be our 7th Busboys and Poets location.

Vote Busboys and Poets as the Best Spot for Vegetarians in Express!

29 August, 2016



Nominate us to win best vegetarian in the Washington Post Express!

Conscious Cuisine: Premium Chicken

18 August, 2016



Our chicken comes from Coleman Natural Foods raised on family farms with an exclusive all-vegetarian diet.

#BusboysGood: AJ Head

11 August, 2016



Busboys and Poets Events Manager AJ Head talks to us about tranisitioning and his creative life.

#BusboysGood: Pages Matam

10 August, 2016



#BusboysGood is a blog/Instagram series that profiles all the good folks who frequent Busboys and Poets. They are what make our tribe one.

Washington Post: ‘Can you hear us now?’ Muslim women raise their voices in response to Trump

4 August, 2016



The event, called “Strong Communities, Strong Voices,” was held at the Busboys and Poets restaurant on 14th Street NW.

Bell Canto, by Derrick Weston Brown

8 July, 2016



For Sean Bell and Family.  Wisdom Teeth,  PM Press / Busboys and Poets Press 2011

Busboys and Poets Healthy Vegan Stir Fry on WUSA

4 May, 2016



VP Laela Shallal and Executive Chef Pablo Portillo go on WUSA9 on Earth Day to talk about Busboys’ green initiative and new vegan offerings

President Obama meets with former inmates in the Langston Room

31 March, 2016



President Obama met at Busboys and Poets 14th & V to have lunch with a group of former inmates. He was joined by senior advisor Valerie Jarrett. The Obama administration chose to have their meeting with us since we banned the box in 2009.

Accessibility For All

22 December, 2015



Busboys is a community space that strives to be welcoming, uplifting and accessible to all, regardless of physical ability.

Wanted: Mixologist for New Restaurant By Busboys and Poets

11 December, 2015



The founders of Busboys and Poets are seeking a creative mixologist/bartender to develop a beverage program for a new modern Southern restaurant in the heart of the 14th Street corridor

Carla Hall and Andy Shallal Team Up for a Modern-Southern Restaurant: Mule Bone

9 December, 2015



Washingtonian: ‘Carla Hall and Andy Shallal Team Up for a Modern-Southern Restaurant: Mule Bone.’ The restaurant will take over the current Eatonville space on 14th Street.

Sidewalk Poetry Series: Thank You for Busboys by Karen Kenworthy

9 December, 2015



Sidewalk Poetry consists of poems sent to feedback@busboysandpoets.com selected to be published on the Busboys blog for our literary community to enjoy and share.

Changing Communities, One Bookstore/Performance Space/Restaurant at a Time / Small Business Forum

8 December, 2015



Kojo In Your Community: A Conversation About “Black Lives Matter”

20 November, 2015



Listen to Kojo Show live recording at Busboys and Poets @ Hyattsville on race, justice and economic opportunity in our region

Best Date Spot in ‘Best of Gay DC’

29 October, 2015



Busboys gets named Best Date Spot by the Washington Blade in its Best of Gay DC issue

The Presidential Debate Series at Busboys and Poets!

13 October, 2015



As always, Busboys and Poets is your community go-to place for politics! This election season, Busboys and Poets will show all Presidential debates at every location.

Event Recap : Busboys X Anniversary Party

8 October, 2015



[The] 10-year anniversary party for Busboys and Poets brought hundreds of well-wishers to the restaurant and bookstore chain’s Brookland location in Northeast Washington.”

Alice Walker’s poem to Busboys: “BUSBOYS AND POETS IS A SACRED PLACE”

8 October, 2015



The incomparable Alice Walker writes us a poem. Our lives are complete.

In the Washington Post: Busboys & Poets celebrates 10 years of food, books and rabble-rousing

8 October, 2015



Ron Charles of The Washington Post recaps our 10 year anniversary party

10 Year Anniversary Party

10 September, 2015



Early reception sold out but general admission tickets still available!

Online Ordering + Devliery Has Arrived!

10 September, 2015



Order your favorites online for pick-up or have them delivered to your home or office

Grilled Chicken Panini Delivered to You in 10 Minutes

31 August, 2015



UberEATS will deliver our Grilled Chicken Panini with house-made kettle chips to D.C. on Wednesday, September 2nd

Conscious Cuisine

17 July, 2015



This is why we feel good about what we serve

Amber & Obi’s Engagement Pictures at Busboys and Poets in Shirlington

14 July, 2015



From the bride: “Obi proposed during a double dinner date at Busboys & Poets – Shirlington the day before my birthday, also the location of our third date.”

Entrepreneur: Busboys and Poets #1 best coffee shop to work in across the U.S.

8 July, 2015



Entrepreneur Magazine named us the #1 best coffee shop to work in across the U.S.


30 June, 2015



Brightest Young Things reviews our new summer dishes

Who needs ambassadors when we have poets?

8 June, 2015



Article in the Washington Post by David Montgomery on Cuban poet Nancy Morejón

Washington, D.C. Launch Party Recap

11 May, 2015



The Washington, D.C. Green Festival Expo Launch Party took place at Busboys and Poets on Thursday, May 6, 2015.

Best Gluten-Free Menu!

13 April, 2015



Sending BIG LOVE to all of our beautiful guests, friends and family who voted for us in Washington City Paper’s Best of DC 2015 poll

Busboys and Poets and Teaching for Change welcome Politics & Prose at 14th & V

19 March, 2015



P&P will continue to carry on the celebrated tradition of the 14th & V location in featuring multicultural and social justice literature

Busboys in En Route Traveler

27 January, 2015



“Part of the reason why I founded this place was that I wanted a space that feels like home away from home, a space that represents the multi-cultural, multi ethnic, multi-racial, and multi-age aspects of the city, a space that represents the city that I live in – Washington, DC.” - Andy Shallal

Remix of the Nerds New Years Eve Party

4 December, 2014



Busboys and Poets is throwing the quirkiest new year’s bash in DC - all to benefit the Capital Area Food Bank and DC Youth Slam Team

Local Author Todd Kasdhan Discusses “Upside of Your Dark Side”

25 November, 2014



Todd Kashdan will discuss his recently launched book, The Upside of your Darkside: Why Being Your Whole Self–Not Just Your “Good” Self–Drives Success and Fulfillment at Busboys - Shirlington on December 2nd at 6:30 pm.

New Happy Hour Specials

9 November, 2014



Now enjoy happy hour specials, like 1/2 off Small Plates from 4-7pm at all locations


6 November, 2014



In a teaming of two great Washington community institutions, we’re pleased to announce that Politics and Prose will soon begin operating bookstores at Busboys and Poets restaurants in DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

Organic eggs and milk

30 October, 2014



Our milk and eggs are organic and local

Partnership with Union Kitchen results in a delicious sandwich creation

27 October, 2014



In partnership with Union Kitchen, we are offering a sandwich created by local food truck Dirty South Deli at all Busboys and Poets locations

Presentation of Busboys and Poets Award in Poetry to Martín Espada

2 October, 2014



On Saturday, September 13, 2014, Martín Espada was presented with the 2014 Busboys and Poets Award by Sarah Browning.  The following is the text of the speech.

“Takoma Park Busboys and Poets will house a coworking space”

1 October, 2014



The Takoma Park Busboys and Poets will have a space dedicated to coworking when it opens at the end of the year, owner Andy Shallal says.

2014 Fall for The Book Busboys and Poets Award

9 September, 2014



This year we will be honoring Martin Espanda with the Busboys and Poets Award at Fall for the Book

Conceived, born, raised and living black

19 August, 2014



I was conceived, born, raised and now have lived as a human being cast in black for almost seventy years.  I’mo die black, too.

Rush Limbaugh Calls Teaching for Change Racist for Promoting Diverse Children’s Books

17 June, 2014



Rush Limbaugh found out that Teaching for Change is trying to challenge this disparity and he is hopping mad

Green Festival D.C. Launch Party Recap

7 May, 2014



Green Festival D.C. Launch Party Recap
Read the full article here.

Take the Buzzfeed quiz: “Are You Actually A Hipster?”

24 April, 2014



Buzzfeed quiz mentions Busboys and Poets as a national hipster destination. Wait, what!?

Changing the Marijuana Laws

17 April, 2014



Changing the Marijuana Laws With Colorado and Washington state legalizing marijuana, 2014 has been an important year for the reform of marijuana laws in the United States.

Busboys and Poets presents ‘The Admission’

15 April, 2014



Washington Post theater critic Peter Marks reviews ‘The Admission’

US VEG WEEK at Busboys and Poets

3 April, 2014



Join us for #USVEGWEEK April 21-27, 2014

“Places of Purpose”

8 January, 2014



“Busboys is a stellar example of a business invested in building it’s surrounding community…”

Books We Recommend

1 January, 2014



If your New Years resolution is to read more, you may want to add these two to your list!

Pajama Brunch 2014

23 December, 2013



We’re hosting our annual pajama brunch at all locations. Roll out of bed and show up in your finest jammies!

Bookstore Holiday Sale

17 December, 2013



Busboys and Poets Books is having a holiday sale from December 21st-December 28th!

“Here’s to resisting the dominant narrative”

9 October, 2013



Poet, playwright, activist Staceyann Chin performed two sold out shows in DC; one at 5th & K and one at Hyattsville

Jerusalem Chefs Prepare a Peace Meal at 14th & V

17 September, 2013



The State Department and Busboys and Poets sponsored four chefs from Jerusalem to come to the United States to prepare a peace meal at 14th & V

Vote for Busboys and Poets!

12 September, 2013



Vote for Busboys and Poets in the Express Best Of DC for BEST VEGETARIAN and BEST SALAD

Spike Lee and wife Tonya Lee Stop by for Lunch

11 September, 2013



A pleasure to have Spike Lee and his wife Tonya Lewis Lee join us for lunch at 5th & K! 

Busboys and Poets Book Club in Shirlington

22 July, 2013



Busboys and Poets Book Club in Shirlington welcomes new members

This Independence Day, Thank a Protester

4 July, 2013



Grass-roots justice movements are the hope, the beacon, the force that will save this country.

Reflections on a Historic Week

3 July, 2013



Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in a landmark decision the Facebook generation has quickly likened to the collapse of de jure segregation.

Car-Free Diet Shop Talk with Owner Andy Shallal

21 May, 2013



Andy Shallal speaks to our Car-Free Diet partner about Busboys and Poets’ mission and our commitment to sustainability.

Busboys and Poets Books Grand Opening

20 May, 2013



Busboys and Poets Books opens at 5th & K and Shirlington locations on Friday, May 24th, 2013

Proud to sponsor the 5th Anniversary Celebration of Split This Rock

19 May, 2013



Split This Rock’s 5th Anniversary Celebration with Inaugural Poet Richard Blanco sponsored by Busboys and Poets