All seven Busboys and Poets locations are open for patio service as the DMV begins phase one of reopening. Busboys and Poets is following all government mandated guidelines and taking every precaution to ensure everyone’s safety as we welcome you back into our dining rooms.

The Busboys Promise


To ensure everyone’s safety as we welcome you back into our dining rooms, we ask that we make the following promises to each other:


We promise to continue to be a leader in safe sanitation practices with a manager certified in food safety present on every shift. Also, all employees will be trained on appropriate cleaning, disinfecting, hand hygiene, and respiratory etiquette.

We will follow all protocols adopted by the State/District including:

  • All employees must pass a health screening before their shift
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be available to all guests and staff, including upon entry.
  • We will not leave condiments, silverware, flatware, glassware or other traditional table top items on unoccupied tables.
  • We will provide condiments only upon request and in single use non-reusable portions.
  • We will no longer offer menus and we will instead use QR codes for menu viewing. If you need a printed menu, we will provide you with a laminated copy that has been disinfected.  
  • Employees will wash or sanitize their hands and gloves upon entering the restaurant in between interactions with customers.
  • We will clean and disinfect common areas and surfaces regularly and disinfect each dining area after each use.
  • All staff will wear masks and gloves
  • We will post this Busboys Promise at our entrances and display readily visible signage to remind everyone of best hygiene practices.


We ask that if you dine at our restaurant, you also make a promise to us that is rooted in protecting the health of our staff and guests. If you are unable to adhere to the below promise, we will happily provide your order as take out. You agree to follow the protocol adopted by the State/District including:

  • If you have been exposed to COVID-19 recently or have symptoms of COVID-19 (including a fever, aches, cough, shortness of breath, headache, chills or loss of taste/smell) or known close contact with someone with COVID-19, please keep everyone safe by staying home and using our contactless delivery options
  • If you are sick in any way, you will not dine at the restaurant
  • Your party size is limited to six or fewer guests from the same household
  • You will practice social distancing in all waiting areas and while seated                                         
  • You will utilize hand sanitizer upon entry

If you have any questions about this Busboys Promise, please ask the manager who will be happy to assist you.

Busboys Promise Final3

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