DC SCORES builds teams through after-school programs for over 1,450 low-income DC youth at 42 schools by instilling self-expression, physical fitness, and a sense of community. DC SCORES accomplishes this in an innovative model combining poetry and spoken word, soccer, and service-learning year-round. Every November our students participate in our annual Poetry Slam! where they have the opportunity to perform their original poetry. These are some of the poems that our poet-athletes wrote and performed at our 2012 Slam!

Top 2012 Poems:

“I Challenge You” (group poem)
Statistics say there is a child dropping out of school everyday
No matter what color, age, or size, some of these kids have taken their own lives
It’s a shame, what bullying can do
Falling victim… it could happen to you!
Kids today… we can’t even learn… because every bully wants a turn
Our parents are scared for us too, so now we must challenge you!
Don’t laugh at us or call us names
Don’t take pleasure in our pain!
Bully…find yourself something positive to do
How would you feel if someone were bullying you?!

HD Cooke (ward 1)

“How to Help Our Country” (group poem)
Listen Obama
The bulls have something to say
Hear our plans to help

This can be a better country if we
      Get more police on the streets to stop killing, robbing, kidnapping, rape, and other crimes
This can be a better country if we
      Have better parks so kids have a safe place to play
This can be a better country if we
      Stop all bullying and fighting so that no one is afraid to leave their homes
This can be a better country if we
      Help immigrants get papers so that they have a chance to have a better life and get a job
This can be a better country if we
      Help the homeless get homes so that they have a comfortable and safe place to sleep
This can be a better country if we
      Stop all racism so that everyone can get along and be respectful to one another
This can be a better country if we
      Give elementary schools more money so we can get more education and have more activities
This can be a better country if we
      Could buy Takis, Hot Cheetos, and all other chips for one penny
“How to Help the Environment” (group poem)

To save our planet from global warming and pollution
We must come up with a safe solution

Let’s plant more trees
For cleaner air and breeze

Litter, litter, litter, all over the street
Pick it up, so it doesn’t smell like feet

Trash can, trash can, where are you?
Do you want me to litter or come find you?

Paper, plastic, aluminum cans too
Recycle, recycle, it’s the right thing to do

Don’t waste energy, turn off the lights
Don’t be afraid to do what is right

Pick up your trash, keep the world clean
Do your part, so our Earth can stay blue and green

Marie Reed (ward 1)
“Beauty comes from within” (group poem)

Where does Beauty come from? Beauty comes from within.
We are all beautiful …..don’t let anyone tell you different
It’s not about the clothes you wear or your style of hair
The music you groove to or the people you are used to.

Beauty is in your heart, personality, and the soul.
Like a beautiful flower that blooms in the Spring.
Open up your mind and look within.
Not all are the same and that’s okay

Where does Beauty come from? Beauty comes from within.
We are all beautiful …..don’t let anyone tell you different
It’s not about the clothes you wear or your style of hair
The music you groove to or the people you are used to.

Don’t stress about those magazines and books ,
That tell you how you should look.
Feel free to be special and unique,
Cuz at the end of the day beauty comes from within.

Where does Beauty come from? Beauty comes from within.
We are all beautiful …..don’t let anyone tell you different
It’s not about the clothes you wear or your style of hair
The music you groove to or the people you are used to.

The choices that you make and the way you treat people,
Is much more important than wearing the newest sneaker.
So keep your head up and reaching for the sky,
We all have that swag that can change anyone’s mind.

Tubman (ward 1)

“I Wish” (group poem)
I wish I could change the world into a better place.

I wish my grandpa was younger so that he would be stronger.

I wish I could help the people who are starving.

I wish kids in the world would stop selling drugs and stay off the

I wish kids wouldn’t bully each other.

I wish that we had more freedom.

I wish for a beautiful view of trees and flowers.

I wish there were no thieves or killers.

I wish everyone was smart enough to not litter.

We wish for hope and freedom
And the fair chance to live our lives
to our greatest potentials.
We wish for love and peace
and the chance to be influential!

Bancroft (Ward 1) Group Poem

I am america. I salute this country from head to toe. I’m a native, yes I know

Yo soy Guatemala, el lugar más bonito de mi vida.

I am Mexico, a land filled with thunder and lightning.

Yo soy El Salvador que tiene mucha agua alrededor, y que tiene muchos arboles llenos de frutas

I am hollywood; where famous people do their best tv shows.

Yo Soy zapatillas que se cambian cada mes.

I am Vietnam, a place full of the roars of motorcycles engines.

Yo soy los dibujos de un artista

I am a place with strong hearts and people who are fighting breast cancer. (pink ribbon)

Yo soy el amor de me madre que me consuela

I am best friends. Angels that god sends along that always stay besides you whenever things go wrong. (Hug friend)

Yo Soy pupusas revueltas y queso que lo hacen mi madre mejor que nadie

I am the cheesy cheese of cheese fries.

Yo soy la deliciosa pizza que enamora a la gente por su sabor

I am the palm trees of california that sway in the wind

Yo soy las flores de los cerezos que son tan bonitas

I am the advances of science that will cure diseases and help us

Yo soy el fútbol, un deporte divertido y mágico.



CW Harris (ward 7)
“No More” (group poem)

No more guns, no more drugs,
no more being scared of neighborhood thugs.
No more lying, no more crying,
no more violence, no more dying.
No more drums, no more bums,
we have to help people from where we come from.
No more dirty streets, no more people starving without something to eat
No more noise, no more sirens,
no more men and women fighting.
No more stealing, no more bullying,
its my turn to make a difference from where I come from.

“The Takeover” (group poem)
I am more than somebody
Open the door for me
I’m taking over
My little voice speaks up
Stand up!
This is my story
My back-up plan for my family
To not be forgotten
The doctor, the lawyer, the singer, the rapper
Words, beats, raps, and me
Watch this little voice speak
Stand up!
Police officer, archaeologist, astronaut
Take over skies, take over the streets
Shout the peace    
For my mother, my father, my brother, my sister
I’m taking over
I will make the world better.


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