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The Anacostia BID has partnered with Busboys and Poets to organize the creation of a large-scale mural for the Anacostia Passages Project located at the entrance of Martin Luther King Jr. Ave, SE. The vision is to create a successful, aesthetically pleasing large-scale mural that serves as a declaration of progress that identifies the richness of the fabric of our community, our history, our passion to effectively vitalize our future and the conspicuous beauty  of  the Anacostia and its surrounding environment while also serving as a bridge inviting the community and visitors alike to appreciate its significance.

We are also requiring community input in the creation of the mural.

Artist should submit 5 to 7 images of their work to be considered for this project.  Images may be submitted on the Busboys and Poets website.  Once an artist is selected, they will be asked to provide a sketch or image which should be based on themes of Anacostia, current, past or future or a mix of all three. 

Words to glean from:

  • From the Past to the Future
  • Passage
  • Community
  • Milestones
  • Growth
  • History
  • Connect
  • Inclusion
  • Fair
  • Education
  • Future
  • Timeless
  • Powerful
  • Flavor
  • Together
  • Peace
  • Beauty
  • Our Children
  • Culture
  • Heart of the District

IMAGES MUST BE SUBMITTED BY AUGUST 9, 2020  – 5 PM.  Notice of artists to create sketches will be the 7th of August.  Sketches will be reviewed and final artists to be selected by August 18, 2020.  Mural making should begin the week of 24th of August and be complete weather permitting by August 31, 2020.

A committee consisting of Anacostia community members and guests will comprise the panel that will help guide the selection of artists and project.

The Wall


Artists will participate with community engagement. Here are a few suggestions for community input but not limited only to these ideas.  Feel free to suggest ways to engage the community as well.

Suggestion One:                

Once the artists have completed their images, community members will be asked to create positive statements completing a sentence.

For example:   Anacostia is…..

Anacostia is my home and the place where my family grew together.

would be added to the wall’s imagery; or community members can share a quote.

We are open to use different prompts for positive statements.

Each statement or quote should have the name of the individual who submitted it as well is its source.

Suggestion Two:

An artist can teach or work with a community group to create one image.  Not everyone is an artist, but under the supervision and discipline of one, a mural could be created.    We would have to follow safety precautions and guidelines in this age of COVID-19.



August 9, 2020

Images of artists work should be submitted by 5 pm.

Week of August 3, 2020                     

Committee to review submissions of artists and select artists to create sketches.

Week of August 11, 2020 

Committee to review sketches and select artists for mural project.

Week of August 24, 2020                   

Artists begin working – either early morning or late evening (based on the weather)

Vinyl letters or someone who can create lettering could add the quotes, statements, etc once the images are complete.