Science Cafe | Much Ado About Nothing…or how it is that vacuums are full of everything you care abou
5th & K | Cullen | April 25,2012 | 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Your vacuum cleaner reduces the air pressure inside a chamber in the machine to generate a weak vacuum, which in turn creates a sucking action that can lift dust from your carpet. There are other types of vacuums that have far more sublime roles in our lives. One of these realms of nothing, for example, is the origin from whence the original dust of the cosmos emerged. Another type of vacuum keeps every atom in your body from blowing apart into yet more fundamental particles. Join physicist John Gillaspy of the National Institute of Standards and Technology in a discussion about these fantastic vacuums that have everything to do with the way the universe and everything in it are and behave. Discover how these vacuums, rather than being the epitome of emptiness, instead are the canvasses and frameworks for the whole Shebang, which includes every thing that is something rather than nothing.  //  FREE and open to all! 

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