Peace Cafe: Stories from Palestine’s Masar Ibrahim/Abraham Path “The World’s Unlikeliest Trail”
14th & V | Langston Room | September 7, 2017 | 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Stories from Palestine's Masar Ibrahim/Abraham Path "The World's Unlikeliest Trail" 

Busboys and Poets, the Abraham Path Initiative and the Masar Ibrahim al-Khalil invite you to explore a walking trail in a region that is often portrayed in a very different light. Who could have imagined thousands of people, locals and international visitors alike, walking through the Palestinian countryside just a few years ago? George Rishmawi, Executive Director of Masar Ibrahim al Khalil, and Raed Saadeh, board member of the Abraham Path Initiative and community-based tourism leader in Palestine, will share stories and short films about the Masar Ibrahim, a 201-mile cultural walking trail in the West Bank. Anisa Mehdi, Executive Director of the Abraham Path Initiative, will introduce the presenters.

Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil is a long-distance cultural route across Palestine. It is a trail that runs through the West Bank from the Mediterranean olive groves of the highlands of the north to the silence of the deserts in the south, from the area west of Jenin to the area south of the Sanctuary of Abraham (known in Arabic as AlHaram Al-Ibrahimi) in the city of (Hebron). It is more than just a hiking trail, it’s a path that leads deep into the memory and heritage of Palestinian people, inviting you to discover the family life of the villages, the proud ways of Bedouin tribes, and the age-old traditions of hospitality that lie at the heart of Palestinian life. Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil (MIAK) is a non-profit organization that develops Masar Ibrahim in partnership with the Palestinian community-based organizations, educational institutions and international partners. (

The Abraham Path Initiative (API) is a cultural and educational organization born at Harvard University, dedicated to inspiring walks that create unlikely connections across cultures, foster local livelihoods, and promote global understanding. (

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