Interactive Variety Show
5th & K | Cullen Room | October 22, 2017 | 5:00 pm - 11:00 pm

The Tarot Reading is a variety show like none other. A group of eclectic artists create singular acts for one yet many, each inspired by a card of the Tarot. Each act is collaborative, performed for and with one adventurous (consenting) audience member.

This extension of Tarot III was generously sponsored by Anthony and Jacqueline Dobranski.

PLEASE NOTE that the extension for Tarot III will be ONE NIGHT ONLY at Busboys and Poets, 5th and K Street.

Tickets can be purchased at:

SEEKERS -- For the adventurous. If you choose to be a Seeker, you'll get a random Tarot card at entry. You'll witness the night unfold, and when your card is drawn you'll get to take part in that act made special for you. If you add a gift for us beyond $1 here, consider that your sacrifice (see below).

WITNESSES -- For the laid back. If you choose to be a Witness, you'll get to watch the Seekers get their Revelations from the comfort of your seat in the lounge. If you add a gift for us here beyond $1, you can consider that your sacrifice (see below).

Want to be a SEEKER, but didn't get here in time? Don't worry. At first intermission, willing WITNESSES will have the chance to claim any cards that have not yet found their Seekers that evening.

In order to enter The Tarot Reading, you must offer a sacrifice to whichever Gods will have you. Anything you add to your ticket price here will be considered a digital sacrifice.

That said, it doesn't have to be monetary. The only requirement is that it be something of value...your mom's bread recipe, that photo in your wallet, the secret you share with your middle school best friend.

Whatever it is, you have to be willing to part with it forever.

We promise we'll keep it safe.


The divine Mediums performing Tarot III are:

B'Ellana Duquesne
Gwen Grastorf
Allyson Harkey
Jon Jon Johnson
Joshua Kelley
Michael Moya
Niusha Nawab

with Alan Katz playing The Fool

This iteration of The Tarot Reading has been called to the mortal plane by Head Summoners Alan Katz and Quill Nebeker.



Facebook: TheTarotReading

Twitter: @TarotShow

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