Book Talk: “From Plantations to Prisons”
14th & V | Langston | April 29,2012 | 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
 The true story of a biracial love affair that predates the Civil War. Their love began in the shadows of slavery deep in the emerald-green forest of North Carolina. Their descendants sought validation in the sleepy hollows of Southeastern Ohio past the river's shores - from the plantations of Halifax County, North Carolina to the banks of the Ohio River. The 'family stories' were taken with a 'grain of salt' until April, Gerry, and Melony attended a family reunion several years ago. They became more and more curious with age but still had no idea that the 'truth' in their family was indeed stranger than fiction. "From Plantations to Prisons" is authored by three female descendants of the slave girl and her master's son. As first cousins, April, Gerry, and Melony all grew up together in Southeastern Ohio listening to family stories passed down through the years. The women had no idea their family story is not only a lesson in unconditional love for family, but also a lesson so rich in our American history. Free and open to all!
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