Beltway Drama Series Presents “Alternative Methods”
Hyattsville | Zinn Room | May 29,2012 | 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

DC-Area Playwrights, in collaboration with Busboys and Poets, presents a staged reading of the play "Alternative Methods" by Patricia Davis in the Zinn Room of Busboys and Poets in Hyattsville, MD. 

Directed by Stevie Zimmerman, this is the third installment in their popular new Beltway Drama Series.

Audience members may enjoy food and drink during the show, and are invited to participate in a 15-20 minute post-show discussion. $10 suggested donation at the door.


Alternative Methods focuses on a young psychologist and her increasingly complex interactions with an Iraqi doctor she is supposed to help “break.” The doctor, suspected of treating an Al-Qaeda leader, is detained and interrogated. U.S. forces want to know where the injured leader's safe house is. Susan, the psychologist, gains the doctor's trust. As her colleagues resort to brutal methods that still yield no intelligence, she takes matters into her own hands.

A New York International Fringe Award winner, Alternative Methods is a careful exploration of the moral conflicts inherent in interrogation and the psychological tactics used to wear away the will, both of detainees and of those seeking to protest.

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“It's a harrowing situation completely based on fact. . . . an informative and at times terrifying lesson into the depths of human cruelty.” --


DC-Area Playwrights, in collaboration with Busboys and Poets, a local chain of restaurant/bookstores, began the Beltway Drama Series to showcase the diverse perspectives of local playwrights on issues of social justice and global concern.

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