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A.C.T.O.R (A Continuing Talk on Race)- Charlottesville The Newest Face of American Hatred
14th & V | Langston Room | September 3, 2017 | 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

The A.C.T.O.R. (A Continuing Talk on Race) open discussion series is hosted by Busboys and Poets as a community service. It provides the opportunity for people to come together and speak openly and honestly about issues of race. The intent is that each person walks away from the discussion feeling something: challenged, educated, uncomfortable, enlightened, refreshed, reassured and hopefully inspired and moved to action! Each month there is a new topic for discussion.

This month's topic:

Charlottesville -The Newest Face of Hatred


Join us to discuss The Charlottesville demonstrations. What has emboldened these hate groups to be visible? How has the current political climate fueled protests like these? Is this a death-rattle for racism in America or is this just the tip of the iceberg of a backlash? What can we do to mobilize against this backlash?


Eraka Rouzorondu is a nationally acclaimed Empowerment Specialist, hailed as “one of the most provocative speakers on the national circuit today!” Through her lectures, workshops, poetry, performance art and publications, she puts human beings in tough with their inherent personal power. Eraka is CEO of Ma’at Enterprises, a comprehensive empowerment conglomerate with four subsidiaries providing personal, professional, cultural and spiritual empowerment services.

Eraka’s work is rooted in Egyptian history and philosophy, informed by humankind’s greatest thinkers, distilled for modern-day relevance and delivered with Eraka’s unique and dynamic presentation style. For over 30 years she has addressed audiences of 5 to 5,000 including clients such as the Smithsonian Institution, the Association of Black Psychologists, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics and your neighborhood community center. She has lectured at colleges and universities from Pennsylvania to California; keynoted at various national conventions; appears frequently on local and national radio programs and can be heard regularly on WURD Radio in Philadelphia.

Sarah T. is a writing instructor, poet, and spoken word performer. Her work is guided by the sankofa ethic, which stresses the importance of reaching back to the past to bring forward what is useful in forming a better future. She recently completed her first book, This Past Was Waiting for Me: a collection of poetry and prose that explores the manner in which the past—especially America’s colonial past and the race-class hierarchies that it established—plays out in the present. Her creative writing has appeared in Azure literary journal and Sally Hemings Dreams 'zine, and her cultural criticism has appeared in Everyday Feminism and The Rumpus.

Sarah's most recent exploration of the newly mobilized alt-right takes the position that left-wing rhetoric can unintentionally fan the flames of White supremacist violence. She urges continued vigilance and strong opposition to racism in conjunction with tactical activism, empathy, mindfulness, and restraint of pen and tongue when dealing with White supremacy. An essay of hers on this topic will appear in The Rumpus on September 25, 2017: the 60th anniversary of the infamous integration of Central High School in Little Rock Arkansas.

Sarah is a graduate of Temple and Howard universities. She teaches writing at American University and lives in Anacostia, SE, DC with her husband and son.

Free and open to all. 

A.C.T.O.R. is held on the first Sunday of every month at Busboys and Poets 14th & V from 5:00 PM-7:00 pm.

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