Busboys and Poets Book Review: We’re Going to Need More Wine

27 April, 2018



Here is a little disclosure about me, I don’t generally like autobiographies. I find that they can be terribly dull and full of pomp. I know I read The Last Black Unicorn by Tiffany Haddish, but if you’ll remember, I also said that the writing left much to be desired. But Gabrielle Union’s book

We’re Going to Need More Wine: Stories That Are Funny, Complicated, and Are True

was a delight to read! It was finished before I was. Read more in a guest post by Dr. Donna Oriowo.

What to read: Celebrating National Poetry Month at Busboys and Poets

20 April, 2018



April in DC – a time to welcome the sun, greet the cherry blossoms and relish the city’s many parks in bloom. April is also National Poetry Month, and being home to a vibrant literary community, DC celebrates every year with a diverse offering of events, readings and books to savor.

Busboys and Poets Book Interview: Mamta Jain Valderrama

13 April, 2018



Busboys and Poets Books is excited to have social justice author, Mamta Jain Valderrama coming to Busboys and Poets 14th & V location in May to discuss her debut novel, A Girl In Traffick, based on true stories of human organ trafficking. In advance of the upcoming event, bookstore supervisor Kenlynn Nelson interviewed Mamta about her writing and thoughts on her first book.

Busboys and Poets Book Review: An American Sickness

9 April, 2018



We’ve all been in that situation, or know someone who has. You find yourself for whatever reason in need of medical attention: a surgery, an exam, etc. And after you leave, you receive the bill. But the bill is far larger than you anticipated and you have no idea why. Elizabeth Rosenthal knows why. Read more in our newest blog post by Anna-Claire McGrath.

Busboys and Poets Book Review: Pansy Boy

2 April, 2018



Captivating, touching, and sincere, “Pansy Boy” tells the story of a thoughtful young boy who is tormented by his classmates because they perceive him as being different. Read more in our newest review by Takoma Bookstore Supervisor, Melanie Kates.