Ramadan and the Games

28 July, 2012



Olympic games callously scheduled during the holiest of months for Muslims - Ramadan

Rising Artist Frank Ocean did something important

14 July, 2012



“We can thank Frank Ocean, not only for making a public statement that sweeps aside shadows and offers young fans another powerfully vulnerable star to admire and emulate, but for reminding us that while proudly declaring an identity can be a politically crucial gesture, often the human heart is not so sure-footed. The process of becoming and unbecoming, loving and losing, is what often makes for the most meaningful art.” - Ann Powers, NPR

Summer Reads 2012

7 July, 2012



Suggested reading list for summer

“Let America Be America Again” by Langston Hughes

4 July, 2012



Happy 4th, America!

“The Busy Trap”

1 July, 2012



“Life is too short to be busy” writes Kreider for the NYTimes